V Day

Valentine’s Day is where two people unite;
I thought I'd send a poem and a hug that would squeeze you tight. Many prayers are sent and that's what I'll share with you.
One day we won't be alone and we'll find our special pair,
Hugs fitting just right while kisses are magical and you can't help but stare... Many surprises and dancing in the dark,
That special someone will light up our world with a heartfelt spark! Sunrises and sunsets will be the beginning and end of each day, the candlelight, stars, and laughter will take our breath away. So hold on to your pants as my prayers take flight,

it could be sooner or later - so make your wish tonight!
Our Angels are out there and all our dreams will come true... with a giddy feeling that's so exciting we don't know what to do. Sharing a steak, some sushi, or an ice cream cone,
One day we'll have somebody and our evenings won't be alone. Enjoying the outdoors, the mountains, or the ocean view...
The strength of our faith will see each day through.
Whatever the day brings - silliness, sorrows, or the best laughter yet; we will find our sweethearts and I'll place that bet.
With prayers at heart we'll end up with a Royal Flush.
And we'll be swept off our feet with more than a crush!
So enjoy this Valentines month all the way through...
Lots of prayers - while keeping your eyes on Him whatever you do! Life is full of blessings and time flies when you blink;
Valentine’s Day is for expressing affection,
Fond thoughts are coming your way,
we’ve always had a special connection,
So Happy Valentine’s Day!

My day will not be complete without thinking of you.
My heart beats so fast whenever I do.
Did I ever tell you how much I love you?
I can’t because words are not enough to say it.
Love, love, and love.
I am sorry but that is the only feeling left in my heart for you! I haven’t worn a smile for the longest time I remember.
But when I started loving you, things changed.
This magical smile can’t go off...
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