U.S vs Frances Healthcare

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National Healthcare Systems: The United States and France
Community Health
Kelvin Joseph
October 17, 2012

Healthcare is the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses, diseases, and injuries. It a very important part of everyone's lives, no matter where they live. Every country has their own type of healthcare that helps take care of the cost of medical attention. There are four models of healthcare systems that every country generally follows. Much government makes changes to the models in order to better accommodate their needs. There are many components and plans in healthcare systems that allow the systems to operate the way they do. The United States and France are two examples of countries with very different healthcare systems when it comes to almost every aspect. Through my research I was able to find out the similarities and differences in the components that make up both the United States and France's healthcare systems.

Healthcare is a very important government issue not just here in the Unites States, but all over the world. It is something that has a large affect on every person. There are 200 countries in the world, but not all 200 countries have their own healthcare system, nor do they all follow the same system. There are four major models of healthcare systems Beveridge, Bismark, National Health Insurance, and Out of Pocket Insurance. There are many components to a healthcare system aside from who pays for health insurance. Details such as co-payments, loss of jobs, and bankruptcy all have to be taken into account. Each country chooses the model that they believe best suits them, and some countries choose to mix different concepts from the models or to make slight changes to create their own plan.

The four models of healthcare systems each have qualities that are beneficial to the government and the citizens. The Beveridge model was named after William Beveridge who reformed Britain’s National Health System (Reid The Healing). The government funds this system through tax payments, similar to schools and the public library. Not all hospitals in Britain are owned by the government, but they all collect money from the government. Patients do not get charged with a doctors bill, but the government decides what the doctors can do and the amount they are allowed to charge.

The Bismark model is more similar to the American Healthcare System in the way that is also uses the insurance system, or “sickness funds”. It is usually funded by both the employee and employer through payroll deduction (Reid The Healing). It is different that the United States, because the Bismark type plans do not make a profit and they cover everyone. Many of the hospitals in countries that have Bismark type plans are privately owned.

The National Heath Insurance model generally uses private sector providers, but a government run insurance system that all citizens pay into, makes the payments. Under this model payments tend to be much cheaper, due to the lack of advertising and marketing. Restricting the services also cuts costs and procedures that are paid for by the National Health Insurance, or by making patients wait to be treated.

The Out of Pocket model is used mostly in countries or parts of countries that are too poor to afford medical insurance. “Only 40 of the worlds 200 countires have established health care systems” says T.R. Reid's book The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care. In many of these countries millions of people go through life without seeing a doctor. Though they many have access to a healer in their village or at home remedies, they are not guaranteed to work. In some cases, people are able to pay their medical bill using vegetable, or other services they can provide, but if they have nothing to give then they don't get treated.

The United States and France are an example of two countries with different healthcare plans. Here in the...
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