U.S. Technology and Iraq

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Why is TIGR an example of horizontal technology?

Horizontal technology involves the transfer of technical knowledge and hardware from one geographic location to another. The TIGR system allows departing units to transfer tactical information to their replacements. When the troops return from patrols, they feed information back into the system, adding to the data available to the next patrol leader. By simply clicking on icons, they can bring up not only sites of past hostile action but also photos and background on local leaders , some to see and others to avoid, videos of hostile and safe places, and reports from previous patrols

How helpful will TIGR be in the future military campaigns?

TIGR is a positive step toward closing the time gap between sender and receiver of critical reporting. The Army's adoption of this program takes advantage of the military's most effective and valuable information gathering resource - the Soldier, because of this “every Soldier has a sensor” concept. Soldiers and convoy commanders record in TIGR any observations and events that occurred along their routes. Both the modern and future battlefields rely heavily on programs like TIGR to assist in gathering and processing information from the asymmetrical battlefield. Now they have their own tool at company level that pulls up a wealth of information that helps determine their safest route.

What is DARPA? What role does it play in developing US military system?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technology for use by the military. DARPA has been responsible for funding the development of many technologies which have had a major effect on the world.

Pick out 5 different DARPA programs and write a brief description on how each would enhance the capabilities of the US armed forces.

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