U.S. Intervention

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  • Published : May 16, 2007
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Should the United States enter into military intervention in foreign countries for humanitarian reason? Why? Why not? Under what conditions should the U.S. intervene if at all?
History has been shown to repeat itself, and if we don't learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it. We have watched many genocides happen within the last decade, some of which the U.S. has intervened, and in some cases where they have not. The United States should not intervene in foreign countries for humanitarian reasons because the U.S. may lack investing the amount of troops and resources necessary to make the intervention successful ; that doctrine will be abused unless there is a self-interest at stake.

Another reason why the U.S. should not intervene in foreign countries is because they do not always have the support of the citizens. The intervention in Somalia is a perfect example of humanitarian intervention where the U.S had no economical reasons or self-interest. Their main goal was to provide food to the Somalis suffering from starvation due to political oppression. The U.S. helped the starving Somalis, then tried to go after the person responsible for withholding the food. This turned out to be a very bad step for the U.S. Being a country with no freedom of speech, the Somalis had no access to television, radio or newspapers, and listened to what they were told by their leaders who told them the U.S was there to convert them to Christianity and take their first born children. Alarmed by the idea, the Somalis turned against the U.S soldiers. Men, women and children who were armed and ready to fight and defend their country, outnumbered the U.S. soldiers. The Somali citizens were told by their leaders that if they shot a couple of soldiers, the U.S would leave; which is exactly what happened. Instead of deploying more soldiers and bringing in more resources to Somalia, which could have helped capture the leader, help end starvation and accomplishing their mission, the U.S....
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