U.S. East Coast Port Security

Topics: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Security, Port Pages: 25 (9015 words) Published: August 21, 2008
U.S. East Coast Port Security

Emphasis on
The Port of New York/New Jersey
The Port of Hampton Roads, VA
The Port of Jacksonville, FL


Background On U.S. Port Industry:
A.Gateways to Global Trade3
B.The American Association of Port Authorities3-5
C.Introduction to Marine Terminal Operators (MTOs)5-7
A.Jacksonville, Florida Port Authority?8-9
B.New York/New Jersey Port Authority?9-12
C.Virginia’s Hampton Roads Port Authority?12-14
Discussion On Port Security:
B.Jacksonville, Florida Port Authority Security16-19
C.New York/New Jersey Port Authority Security19-23
D.Virginia Hampton Roads Port Authority Security23
Task Force Recommendations25-30


This paper intends to analyze and explore the significance of port security at the three top ports on the east coast of North America. The Port of New York/New Jersey is the largest port complex on the east coast of North America and is located at the hub of the most concentrated and affluent consumer market in the world, with immediate access to the most extensive interstate highway and rail networks in the region. The Port of Virginia’s Hampton Roads is the only port on the east coast with the ability to improve in the four major areas that will allow continuous expansion, deep channels, intermodal infrastructure, terminal expansion, and cargo base. JAXPORT is a major economic engine in Northeast Florida and the premier diversified port in the Southeastern United States, with connections to major trade lanes throughout the world. JAXPORT owns and operates three public marine terminals and one passenger cruise terminal in Jacksonville Florida: the Blount Island Marine Terminal, the Talleyrand Marine Terminal, the Dames Point Marine Terminal, and the temporary JAXPORT Cruise Terminal. JAXPORT develops, manages, and markets those publicly-owned facilities to promote the growth of maritime and related industries in Jacksonville. This paper will provide a Background on: 1) U.S. Port Industry; 2) The American Association of Port Authorities; and 3) Introduction to Marine Terminal Operators (MTOs), History/Overview of these three ports, Discussion on Port Security at these three ports, followed by a Conclusion and the Industries Recommendations.


With the war on terrorism and the stronger emphasis on homeland security, it is widely recognized that the Nation's seaports are a major target for terrorist activities from importing weapons and other hazardous substances to illegal immigrants. The United States is a maritime component of the transportation industry, which includes the use of vast networks of canals, rivers, lakes, oceans, and ports to transport people as well as cargo. More than 90% of U.S. imports and exports are delivered by ship. In the global economy, modern container ships transport tons of cargo in railcar-sized, preloaded, standardized containers that are easily transferred to and from trucks and railcars that provide land-based distribution of the freight. Each year, over 17 million cargo containers carrying nearly one-half of the nation’s imports arrive by ship at U.S. seaports. Only a small fraction of the containers are inspected, which should raise the red flag for a need for security. Keeping the gateways to America secure while keeping commerce flowing is a top priority of government and industry. JAXPORT is one of the largest ports on the east coast behind New York/New Jersey and Virginia’s Hampton Roads. Security is highly significant with these global ports with imports and exports of goods on a daily basis. The police/sheriffs, Customs and Border Protect (CBP) under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security play a major role which includes: 1) prevention of terrorist devices, and terrorists themselves; 2) prevention of smuggling of contraband, including...
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