U.S. Drone Warfare

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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The World's Leading Nation (U.S. As a World Power)
The CQ Researcher article “Drone Warfare” discusses the usage of UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles or, more popularly known as, “drones”. The primary focus of the article is to illustrate how the United States government is using the drones and discusses whether or not many of the drone attacks have been legal. Since the C.I.A., Central Intelligence Agency, has such influence over what goes on, they have been able to declare the drone strikes as “lawful acts of war and national self-defense in the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.” While some people accept this,whether they believe it as fact or simply accept it as a national defense claim, critics have said “the intelligence agency's drone attacks violate the laws of war because they are executed by civilian agents and occur inside another nation's sovereign territory.” The C.I.A. has been targeting persons of interest through means of drones. When they have a confirmed sighting, whoever is in command tells the operator of the drone to fire a laser guided hellfire missile at the target. While these engagements are headed by the C.I.A., the question to ask is, “Do these increasingly occurring strikes fall under legitimate, legal war acts?” A growing concern coming from critics is the argument that “drone strikes are fueling anti-American sentiment and spurring more terrorism.” This roughly translates into a simple equal and opposite reaction idea: Wherever you take out a terrorist target through means of drone strikes, more neutral people will become offended, and the already offended could engage in more terrorist actions. In wars of the past, people become agitated when controversy erupts. United States citizens do not like to be lied to, because this is a nation where you have to critically think harder than a politician who is delivering the speech you are watching. Most people do not agree with the foreign aggression that has taken place in the last...
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