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U.S. Constitution and How It Affects Business

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U.S. Constitution and How It Affects Business

  • April 2009
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{text:bookmark-start} U.S. Constitution and How It Affects Corporations {text:bookmark-end} Legal precedents in the United States affect more than the average person in civil or criminal proceedings, corporations must also abide by and be protected by the rights afforded by the United States Constitution. This protects the general consumers, other businesses and the corporation in question as well. When any question of immorality or wrong doing on the behalf of the consumer or a corporation exists there must be a system of checks and balances to ensure the justice of the parties involved are not infringed upon. The judicial system is that which serves to protect the liberties of consumers and the corporations. The United States Constitution affords the equal protection of the law to all citizens; this requires corporations to treat each employee with respect no matter their race or personal preferences in their sexual orientation. The Constitution also affords the freedom of religion, keeping a corporation from discriminating in any way for a person’s religious practices. There are rights afforded by our Constitution which a corporation may discriminate an employee for. For example the freedom of speech can only be tolerated to an extent, when vulgarities are being disseminated within the workplace the employer has the right to terminate the offender. The Constitution governs corporations the same as it does citizens, since a corporation is ultimately an independent legal entity that operates by having shareholders decide what is best for the entity. This is much like a child that is counseled by a mother and father, but its own responsibilities and must answer for its deeds. Just as laws and regulations may be changed or rewritten for people so too is this true for corporate law. There is currently a Federal elections case that may be on its way to the United States Supreme Court concerning the monies allocated by a firm to advocate for a candidate in a...

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