U.S. Against Children's Rights

Topics: Logic, Rhetoric, Question Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: June 26, 2013
In “Why is the U.S. against Children’s Rights?” by Lawrence Cohen writes about a bill that is waiting to pass in the UN summit about children’s rights that have yet to pass. Over twenty years ago, the U.S. drafted the bill on the hopes to give children all over the world the same rights that we enjoy. What is holding it back? The simple answer is that we are. The U.S. is one of only two countries to not have passed this bill. But why wouldn't we pass this bill when we ourselves are avid defenders of Cohen writes about a group called ParentalRights.org who oppose the bill based on the assumption that it would take away the parents right to discipline their children. They believe that it would override their choice to opt. their children out of sexual education or to discipline them their way.

Cohen responds that the bill is intended to stop trafficking, torture, physical and sexual abuse, and conscription into armed conflicts of children, not necessarily to govern parenting. He is obviously against those opposing the bill, calling it a “false alarm” and citing the constitution's overriding power on any international treaty or law. He also fights against the idea that parents should have the right to help their children choose a religion by asking the question “Isn't religion always a matter of one’s own conscience, no matter the age?” The article states that the courts would be responsible to make sure that both the parent's and the children's best interest would be kept. Sadly what Lawrence doesn't cover is how this bill would be enforced, who would be in-charge, or what steps would be taken to protect children. Protecting children is something I believe most American's want to do, and this is the same idea that comes through from Cohen's article, but what one might believe is protection, may be something else to another. Leaving us to question what we believe. He tries to appeal to the logos side of the argument, saying that our country was one of the first...
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