U- Turn

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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The U-Turn

The term 'U'-turn is a misnomer,
that's what it is,
despite the turn's obvious 'n' shape,
the term 'U' persists.
Just as how the misnomer Red Indians,
stuck on to the Native Americans, to be later corrected.

One may argue, though to the person making such a turn it seems to be an 'n', For an observer on an opposing road, it is undoubtedly a 'U'-turn, To that comes the quick reply, observers are variable,

If he was to observe from the side, then your 'U' would quickly become a 'C'-turn. Hence, names should consider those directly involved,
That is both ethical and sensible.

The term 'U'-turn is an indicator,
of a lackluster culture,
that despite obvious proof would rather,
stick with that which is familiar, than what's better.
It's a lie, said right to your face,
The picture above contradicts the term below,
written boldly in a special designated space,
The humble 'U'-turn is a protest on a stick,
Mocking many other contradictions,
that our society would rather not pick.

The term 'U'-turn is a warning,
It tells us that a lie, told over a long time,
would not only be accepted as fact,
but would go on to consume the truth.
For if the man making an 'n' shaped turn was to call it an 'n-turn', He is deemed ill-informed,
and society is quick to set him straight; on the u-turn.

The term U-turn is a joke, it is not to be taken seriously,
For despite its extended usage, not one 'u-turn' was made literally in reality, Because to make such a turn, is to test one's mortality,
A real U-turn requires one to face on-coming traffic,
inviting calamity.
It is an 'n'-turn, the brain knows better
though the tongue begs to differ.