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Advantage of U-Mobile
U-Mobile Offers the Lowest prepaid BIS Plan Rate in Town with Market’s First Bi-Monthly Plan that was attract to the customer to used it that plan and the rate in that years are achieve with that target that many of the customer were change their plan into U-Mobile user. That is because the U-Mobile were offer the lowest prepaid BIS plan rate at RM34 every two months, users can enjoy unlimited BIS services with U-Mobile, including access to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Facebook, Twitter, emails and instant messaging at all times without caps, limit or additional charges. That’s just RM0.57 per day, to stay connected with friends and loved ones without qualms over pricey rates and charges. Most of the teenagers either part of people are like to communicate in socially so the U-Mobile were take the chance to attract of them and put the U-Mobile in the top market that is the way the telecommunication are very important to ours and give many advantages to us while this now are many coverage try to promote but the U-Mobile try to give the best promotion that can people affordable to use it. Besides that, U-Mobile still give a promotion such as the U-Mobile is the only telco in the market offering unlimited BIS to its subscribers, but on top of that, subscribers to the bi-monthly PrepaidBIS plan will enjoy 600MB of data monthly, which is ideal for streaming the latest viral video on Youtube and accessing their favourite applications that require internet connection. The added advantage of subscribing to U-Mobile is that it has the fastest 3G mobile internet services in the nation with its own-built network providing speeds up to 42Mbps. According to the Jaffa Sany Ariffin, CEO of U-Mobile said, “The BlackBerry is immensely popular in this market, so there are many users on the lookout for an affordable BIS plan that gives them value for money and added extras. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric and out new BIS plan is a testament...
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