T.S. Elliot

Topics: T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, The Waste Land Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: December 12, 2012
T.S. Eliot
Graham Hitch
TS Eliot or Thomas Stearns Eliot began his life in St. Louis on September 26th, 1888. Thomas would stay in America for 18 years of his life. He was found to be very bright in school and attended Harvard University. After graduation in 1910 he left the United States for Paris, France. After living a short time in France he moved back to Harvard to get his doctorate in English philosophy. Soon it seemed again the United States was not the place for Thomas and he moved to England in 1914, discovering his wife, Vivienne Haigh-Wood who he married a year after.(Poets) We all know Thomas a literary genius had to get influence from another genius. This genius was Enza Pound who helped Thomas with some of his first publications. Pound was Eliot’s door to the world of poetic literature, introducing him to many other award winning writers. Some of this writers like Harriet Weaver helped Thomas publish his first volume, Prufrock and other observations (Petri). Many criticized Thomas’s early work for lacking rhythm and starting without a theme. Soon though Eliot published a second book called Ara Vos Prec in 1919. Eliot then started to favor publishing articles as a literary critic (Petri). Before World War Two Thomas continued to contribute to articles and became an editor at the journal Egoist. (Petri) Eliot’s career is very long and extensive because he had written over 600 articles and reviews. One of his must famous poems and publications is the Wasteland which deputed in1922. The wasteland has an interesting story. It can be argued as one of his best pieces, but did you know it was cut in half? After many revisions with help from Pound it was finally released as its first version in 1971! The poem symbolized the paradise lost after World War One (Petri). Not everyone thought it was great though. Thomas was accused of portraying the disillusionment of a generation. He responded back saying that was not his intent but still was...
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