T.M Lewin

Topics: Hudson's Bay Company, Sweatshop, Right to work Pages: 4 (1019 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Announcer 1
Welcome to our T.M Lewin Fashion Show! We have a real treat for you today! In just a few moments you will get a chance to see our models displaying some of the hottest fashions from T.M Lewin. Announcer 2

So please get comfortable, and listen good because you don't want to miss a moment of our upcoming presentation. Hudson's Bay Company
Announcer 1
Our first model is __________. She is looking very patriotic in this sweater from the Hudson's Bay Company's Canadian Olympic Team Uniform. HBC is Canada's oldest retailer, having been established in 1670. Can you get any more Canadian than that? Announcer 2

Don't get ahead of yourself there. Even though HBC is a Canadian retailer and the uniforms are for the Canadian Olympic team, most of the Olympic line is made overseas in countries like China, where they are cheaper to make and where sweatshop abuses are more common. GAP

Announcer 1
Our next model is __________. She's wearing a sexy outfit that she picked up at GAP. A favourite shopping destination of mine! Announcer 2
For many years GAP was infamous for its sweatshop abuses. After more than 10 years of campaigns and actions by students, and concerned citizens, GAP has begun to change its ways. In 2005 it released its second corporate social responsibility report, a document compiling information on their practices with regards to labour and the environment. GAP

Announcer 1
Our next GAP model is ___________. Doesn't she look hip and comfortable? She looks just as great as the models and stars in their ads! Announcer 2
Despite their improvements, GAP still has a long way to go. Their code of conduct, the document that protects worker rights, states that the minimum age to be employed at any of their factories is 14. Whereas the International Labour Organization, a UN initiative, states that the minimum age that someone can be employed at is 15. WAL-MART

Announcer 1
Our next model is __________. Isn't she looking great? And you...
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