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The world-population grows steadily. In this second, exactly 6.689.074.034 people live all over the world. Each second around 2,6 people see the light of day. In relation to the previous decades, the world-population nearly quadrupled in the 20th century. Right now the world-population growth around a further milliard every 14 years and will in the future only take place in developing countries. In contrast to industrial countries, developing countries have a very young age structure. A third of the population in developing countries constitutes of children and teenagers with an age under 15 years. In industrial countries, the age structure of the population is spread nearly even. While in industrial countries the spread of male and female people is nearly even, in developing countries more male people exist. Worldwide, still 774 million adults are not capable of reading and writing. This is around each fifth person. Two third of those people are women. South- and West-Asia, the Arabic States and the countries of Africa in the south of the Sahara are the regions with the main problems. At least 72 countries of 127, of which data is available, will probably not be able to halve their illiterate-rate until 2015. In the recent years, only China was able to adjust their rate in a positive way. Worldwide, around 77 million children grow up without an education.

For a bindery company, like for every other company, it is important to have customers. These customers will only demand the service of the bindery, if they face demand of customers for their book. With a population that is ever growing, the customers of the bindery company and so also the bindery company itself will face more and more potential customers. Apart from that the illiterate-rate reduces in some countries. This process enlarges the part of the population that belongs to the target group of the customers of the bindery shop and therefore enlarges also the...
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