T. Rex

Topics: Tyrannosaurus, Dinosaur, Carnivore Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Many arguments about the Tyrannosaurus rex have come about between Paleontologist and Ecologists over the past decades; on whether the Tyrannosaurus rex is a Predator or Scavenger. Paul Colinvaux has his own opinions on this argument. An Ecologist that has spent his entire life devoted to how the environment has determined the development of life, publishing books and being senior scientists at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Colinvaux points out certain pieces of the Tyrannosaurus rex that has allowed him to formulate whether the Dinosaur is a predator or scavenger. His research and opinions suggest that the Tyrannosaurus rex is a scavenger. Alongside, Scientists have also presented their own strong points on why the Dinosaur is not a scavenger but a predator.

A predator (lion) is a fierce creature in the wild that goes on missions to hunt its prey (zebras) and when that predator leaves its prey unattended, the scavenger (vulture, hyena…) comes along and prefers to steel the fresh prey. The scavenger usually waits until the predator is gone to clean up and eat the remains also. Basically a predator feeds on living organisms, while the scavenger eats animals that are already dead. These two types of animals are very crucial to the ecological system. These animals don’t allow any source of food go to waste. These animals may be allies when eating their enemies. The predator never allows the scavenger to consume food, and it’s up to the scavenger to steal the meet while the predator did the long hard work.

Colinvaux believed that the Tyrannosaurus rex was a scavenger. He explains that “The Tyrannosaur did indeed support a large mass by meat eating, but it escaped the energy-consuming price of being active in order to overcome prime specimens of the giant prey it ate” (232). Colinvaux also stated the anatomy of the Tyrannosaurus rex and how ever since the arms of the slow-moving beast didn’t allow it to even play the role...
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