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Topics: Marriage, Love, Emotion Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Topic 1 : getting married to the one you love and to the one loves you Marriage is a union of two individuals. Loving someone and being loved are two aspects of the same emotion . it is difficult to say that we should get married to a person who loves us or we love him or her If you get married to a person that you love much more than he she does. You are most likely setting yourself giving to the relationship more than you are getting. Throughout the marriage, you will find yourself giving to the relationship more than you are getting. The responsibility of maintaining love and intimacy in the relationship will be yours. As time passes, you may find yourself upset or hopeless for your efforts The other side of the question is that you get marriage when you are loved more by your partner than you love him. you will be emotionally and may be financially secured in a marriage, also is undoubtedly a great feeling to be taken care of and treated like a queen, in this situation, it is very difficult for you to satisfy even after receiving more love and care from your spouse than what you are giving back, if your partner is aware that you love him less than he loves you, after years of being a devoted husband , he may have enough look for a relationship where he will be loved back in return/ In my opinion, marriage is a relationship which is happiest when both partners give and receive love in equal measure and thus the ideal love in a marriage should be mutual. Do not let your life become worse and worse with the blind love. Outlive

Topic 2 why do people some times move to different countries, and how it changes their lives Body 1 : reasons that people some times move to different countries @ a number of objective reasons:
The instability of the economic policy and even war or civil war in the country The attraction of preferential policies for immigrants of certain countries National wealth and stable political situation, are very attractive to immigrants @ a...
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