T-Mobile Promotions

Topics: Mobile phone, Customer service, Sales Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: November 3, 2008
T-Mobile supports its personal selling activities at the retail level by, marketing ads that “poke fun at its competitors.” Through their ads, T-Mobile has the ability to promote their flat-rate text messaging plan. “These ads set T-Mobile apart as a company that understands the frustration of wireless bills and overage charges.” T-Mobile also sells their good customer service techniques to customers. They give the public the impression that, if they are tired of their bad phone plans, with horrible customer service, then they can switch to T-Mobile and all their troubles will be over.

T-Mobile has been ranked as number one in customer service satisfactory, customer care, and call quality. Its ultimate goal is to become “the most highly respected service company.” In order, for them to achieve this high expectation, they performed the necessary research to find out how they could better their customer service. As a result of the study, T-mobile then developed a system of color-coded maps for potential customers to see if T-Mobile has coverage in their area. This saves potential customers a lot of time. If they are able to find out that T-Mobile does not have coverage in their area, then they can find a company that does. This also shows the generosity of T-Mobile. They would rather lose a customer for the customer’s own convenience, rather then try to keep them, and risk a customer’s dissatisfaction. Ultimately, people respect that, and will want to do business with T-Mobile all the more. The tagline that T-Mobile proudly carries is “Get More.” “Get More,” according to the article “is not just a tagline but a promise that every customer will get more service, more savings, and more features.”

T-Mobile’s strategy is very effective against competitors that promote high-tech multimedia features. Although, T-Mobile may not have all the great multimedia features other phone companies promote, they can always fall back on their great customer service. For example,...
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