T'ai Chi Chih: A Form of Moving Meditation

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  • Published : January 30, 2007
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T'ai Chi Chih a form of moving meditation based on nineteen movements, has been around for a little bit over 30 years. T'ai Chi Chih has been spreading among the masses due to its simplicity in learning and convenience in practice and associated benefits. Unlike other forms of mediation, T'ai Chi Chih is, "easy to learn - usually around two months or 8 once a week classes - varies according to the teacher and does not require physical fitness or coordination, very old and very young alike can learn it" (http://www.taichichih.org). Not only is it simple to learn and convenient, T'ai Chi Chih has proven to be very flexible as it, "can be practiced standing or sitting, and movements can be adapted to suit a person's specific needs" (www.nationalpainfoundation.org). T'ai Chi Chih does not just appeal to the masses because of its simplicity, but also the many benefits associated with the practice of this mediation. The benefits of this technique are extraordinary. With regular practice, T'ai Chi Chih balances the body and improves circulation, breathing, flexibility and coordination. It can help you reduce stress and tension, while bringing about relaxation, inner peace and serenity. Many people have experienced increased energy, decreased blood pressure, and an improvement in chronic ailments. It also helps in strengthening muscles and bones. With regular practice, T'ai Chi Chih improves balance, physical fitness, flexibility, and stamina. It promotes longevity while increasing quality of life too (http://www.taichichih.org). An example of how beneficial T'ai Chi can be is in the case David - 2

of Nicole Hemmenway who was diagnosed with having complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a disorder in which pain can be so severe that it can bound someone to a wheel chair or even the hospital. In Nicole's case after trying several different types of therapies she turned to T'ai Chi Chih and after regular practice the results were truly remarkable. The benefits...
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