S.W.O.T Analysis for Touch 'N Go Company

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2.0 - SWOT analysis of Touch 'n Go Company
1. The only company that provide mode of payment via a prepaid e-payment card that can be use in public transport such as light rail transit(LRT), rapid bus, monorail, KTM, and also can be use in the tolls in highway or even in the shopping mall’s car park. 2. It is so convenient that you don’t have to buy the two ways ticket every time you travel. You just need to reload your card in many places such as petrol stations, banks, tolls and even in KTM, LRT and monorail. 3. You can save much time to buy the travel ticket. Example, in the morning sessions where no matter the people are going to work, going to school or even tourists, there are many people will queuing up to buy the travel ticket. In this situation, you absolutely can save much time by just queuing up to buy the ticket. Nowadays, Touch 'n Go that can be linked to banks. When the balance of the card is below RM50, it will help you to auto reload to the amount of RM100. Every time when the card is auto reload, it will charges another RM2 as a auto reload fee. Another example, an extension of Touch 'n Go is SmartTAG, which allows you to insert the card into a reader device that will auto deduct your travel amount when pass by tolls. This will reduce your time wasting in a jam where all the cars are queuing in the toll’s counter. 4. For frequent user of Touch ‘n Go, sometimes there will be a rebate on the large amount of the money that you reload. Example, if you reload RM100, the will be a rebate of RM20 into your card. That’s mean your card balance will be RM120.

1. If your Touch 'n Go card lost in somewhere where somebody picking up to use it, you will lost the amount of money that you’re still left in the card. If the card that you use it is a linked to banks, you need to go the bank to cut the card service, if not, the money will continuous deduct when the people who picked up still using. 2. The machines would have the problem to read the cards. Although now the technology is so advance, but sometimes it would occur some problems in machines no matter how good it is. 3. If you don’t want use the card, the refund for card balance and deposit will be paid by cheque in one month processing. The customer need to wait such a long time to wait the refund. 4. The card will be inactivating if the customer didn’t reload after the period of 12 months. Customer have to pay money to reactivate again only can use. There is also the expired date for each card. After 10 years, customer has to buy another card to replace the expired card.

1. The opportunities for Touch n’ Go is providing more payment area by using the card. Example, the area of Hong Kong using the ‘ba dat tong’ card is so large, the area such as, public transport, shopping, restaurant, convenient shop, school, resident house and much more. This will expand their company faster. (Online 4) 2. Touch n’ Go also can promote the card with some key chain design that can easily taken out to use. Users of the card won’t be easily forgotten to bring out as the key and the card is putting together with the key chain. 3. Finding more companies to cooperation with the idea of the convenience of using the card in everywhere and provide more reload service at each location that can be find easily. As most of the people like convenience rather than doing steps.

1. The changing policy of government such as changing towards a no public transport provided in society. It will affect the profit gaining by the company. 2. The ability of the supplies can affect the industry through raising the prices or reduce the quality of the card.

3.0 - S.O.F.I.E
Set Objectives
1. Focusing on customer satisfaction by implement with the requirement of the Total Quality Management (TQM) and continually improving the effectiveness. 2. To provide secure and more convenient cashless payment mode in...
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