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Topics: Marketing, Sales force management system, Sales Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: February 12, 2011
SDM Project Guidelines and Submission Deadlines
The emphasis of the project component is to encourage the participants to go out to the market, observe the functioning of various channel intermediaries and connect theory with practice. There would be three components of the SDM project, 1. Part A- Involving understanding of distribution channel 2. Part B- Sales Force Management Issues 3. Part C- Interaction with a senior S&D executive within the company to investigate a specific issue of concern. The weightage of Parts A & B is 20% (together) and Part C is 5% respectively. All the components are elaborated below and the project report is expected to contain all these component and weightage in turn would be distributed across the sub-headings within the report. The length of the report should not exceed 20 pages (for Part A and part B), part C could be of 3-4 pages. Emphasis should be on primary information collected from the field. Though a substantial part of the project will involve observation, but the participants are also expected to critique whatever they are observing and documenting, in terms of scope of improvement, strength and weakness. The deadlines are to be adhered to, and no late submissions would be accepted. The submissions have to in hard copy plus a soft copy in MSWord format. Part A- Understanding Distribution Channel This component would start with the selection of distributor/dealer/franchisee/branch network within Lucknow city, a list of some distributors and dealers will be shared for the purpose. The groups are free to go beyond the list and pick distributor/dealers of their choice also subject to instructor’s approval and them not being in the list of companies which have been studied last year. The selection would be on a first-come first-serve basis (on Friday – September 17th) and a Google document will be uploaded for the purpose to ensure that groups can see who has opted for which company/distributor. Part A, understanding the...
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