S Homework Helpful or Harmful?

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Topic: Is homework helpful or harmful?
We all know that schools give homework nowadays. In lessons teacher usually explains the subject and if she/he finishes telling the subject, he/she gives homework usually. Some of the students who are hard-working always do their homework on time and properly and gets “Well done!”s by their teachers but some doesn’t do their homework on time or never and gets “Bad boy/girl!”s by their teachers. If they continue not to do their homework teachers call their parents and they get bad with their parents too. At last they chill from school. They often escape from school. Sometimes they argue with their teachers so that the teachers will send them to discipline committees. Kinds of homework are big factors on this issue. For example in our country teachers give us boring worksheets, exercises on grammar books, writing projects. Students can’t enjoy their homework while the teachers give such these kinds of homework. They get bored too often so they give up doing homework. There are also good sides of homework too. If a student makes his/her homework properly and on time in its own education system and not unluckiness happen, he/she will probably be successful. Because homework is result of our miserable education system. Homework also make studying compulsory. That’s a positive point. If there weren’t homework in our country, I think there wouldn’t be so much students studying as much as today. Indeed homework make students revise what they learned in schools. If they aren’t given homework, they probably wouldn’t revise what they learned too. While the students study, they can’t have enough time to improve themselves on other things such as arts and sports especially in cities like Istanbul. For example I come home at 4 pm and go to bed at 10 pm so that means I have six hours after school. Let’s suppose I am given homework which takes about 2 hours. I have 4 hours then. I eat dinner and some other meals in 1 hour. 3 hours. To be...
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