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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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The following are the factors that created an opportunity for Bob Reiss and TV Guide game:

* Having a prior work experience in the games industry working as a consultant he had the ability to understand the nuances of the business * With his capabilities, he had increased the sales upto $12000000 within three years * He could easily foresee the rise of Trivial Pursuit in Canada and its potential market and thus success in the US market (US market had approx 10 times the sales of Canada) * TV guide thought of involving themselves because of the monetary gain that the venture assured and supported the idea of working with a small company instead of a big one * Apart from the this Bob due to his earlier network had come up with an amazing idea of coming up with a TV board game * As an average American spent 7 hours on an average watching TV and thus the theme had chances of being enormously successful (The success of Trivia) * Kaplan had ample experience to be a good business advisor and guide * Lastly, an association with Kaplan brought Reiss in contact with Swiss Colony and HellenFactoring who were the other partners in Trivia

2) What risks & obstacles have to be overcome in order to pursue the opportunity successfully? How did Bob Reiss accomplish this?
* Offering incentive, 5% ad allowance, to department stores for placing ad in print * Free media publicity
* In this industry the fad of products was really high
* The industry was highly competitive with big retailers having maximum say and share * R and R was a new and small player in this industry which was unknown to both retailers and customers so there were doubt of their acceptance * In order to achieve credibility, they went ahead with collaborating with TV Guide * TV Guide could be associated with prestigious retailers like Toys.R.Us, Bloomingdale and Marshall Field

3) Would this approach have worked for Parker Bros, or Milton...
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