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1. Introduction

The use of Media and technology among young people is a topic that has a lot of different opinions and it can be good or bad depending the use that you give to all those products and how much time do you spend using them. For this study we have used to previous studies about this topic in order to get some information. These studies are “Fitting into their lives” (Vahlberg, 2010) and “Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives” (Rideout, Common Sense Media, 2012).

The reason to choose this topic is because nowadays, technology is a part of our every day life. Young people have grown up seeing all these changes among Media and all the developments and probably are the ones that take more use of it. The aim of this study is to get a general view of the use of Media between young people: What is the main reason to use Media? and to know if the nationality or gender influence in the use that they give.

Before the study is done, we can predict some results and made our hypothesis. It is hypothesised that the main reason to use Internet will be Social Networks, most of all for girls and maybe boys will use it to play video games; the favourite way to communicate with other people will be Facebook or Whatsapp and it will be more common among girls to find a new friend via Internet.

2. Literature review

The study “Fitting into their lives” (Vahlberg, 2010) is based in three other studies so they used different methods for each one. In the case of “Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18- Years Olds”, they did a 40 min. written survey of 2002 young people and then, they compared the results in 2009 to the results of another surveys conducted in 1999 and 2004. In the case of “How Teens Use Media” they used Nielsen resources, from the biannual global consumer survey and Scarborough Research to Nielsen’s Television, Online and Telecom Practises and Nielsen Games. Finally, in the case of “Social Media and Mobile Internet Use Among Teens and Young Adults” they did a phone survey of 800 teens and their parents. The results showed that teens are getting more used to read everything online instead of reading from print paper and it is more common that every teen has a computer or a cell phone. This study is good because it includes a lot of aspects it has not hypothesis.

The study “Social Media; Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital lives” (Rideout, Common Sense Media, 2012) is based on a survey of 1030 teens from 13 to 17 years old. From this study, it is good that every result is explained in a very clear way but, as the one before, it does not have hypothesis. The results show that teenagers are maybe too used to use social media that they do not know how life could be without that. For just 4% of the teenagers, social media had a negative effect in the relationship with their friends.

The study “Children, Teens, and Entertainment Media: The View From The Classroom” (Rideout, Common Sense Media, 2012) is based on a survey of 685 k-12 teachers from the United States. From the results we can say that the use of media has affected their academic performance and social development, in a negative or positive way. This study is very interesting because sometimes we do not realize that the use of media will affect us, and it does, but it is not very helpful for my study because it is not very related. As the two other studies, it does not have hypothesis.

The methods used for the studies were quite good, in my opinion, but it is a general view, it will not be the same for all the people.

3. Methods

“Fitting into their lives” (Vahlberg, 2010) is the study that has been more helpful for me. As it consists of three studies they used three different methods that include: written surveys, phone surveys and Nielsen resources. The methods used were...
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