Q-Cash: a New Era in Banking

Topics: Automated teller machine, Smart card, Bank Pages: 18 (4489 words) Published: July 29, 2011

September 1, 2004

Assistant Professor
Department of Finance And Banking
University of Dhaka

Dear Sir,

We are very glad to submit you the report on “Q-cash: A New Era In Banking”. We would like to say that this assignment was very helpful for us to know about the definition of Q-cash, working method of Q-cash card and ATM machine, parts of ATM, online and offline relationship and other important facts about Q- cash system.

We have submitted our report to you for your kind review & consideration. We made this report with our sincerity and serious effort. We will be honored to provide you any additional information if necessary.

Sincerely yours,

Abu Naser
Sabbir Ahmed
Faisal Ibne Shahajat
Reaz Hassan Awwal
Md. Shariful Alam

B.B.A 10th Batch
Department Of Finance and Banking
University Of Dhaka.

Table of contents

1.0 Introduction:
1.1 purposes1
1.2 scopes1
1.3 limitations1
1.4 procedures of gathering data and sources1
1.5 general plan of the report2

2.0 Q-cash: A New Era In Banking

2.1 Q-cash card3

2.1.1 what is q-cash card 3
2.1.2 Key feature of card4
2.1.3 Facilities of Q-cash card4

2.1.4 Difference of q-cash card and other cards5

2.2 ATM
2.2.1 what is ATM5
2.2.2 Invention of ATM5
2.2.3 Features and parts of ATM6 Input device6 Output of device6

3.0 Q-cash: How the system works

3.1 A brief overview of the Q-cash consortium (consortium, ATM

network clients)8

3.2 About ITC9

3.3 Network system of q-cash9

3.3.1 offline10
3.3.2 online10 Techniques of the online relationship followed by ITC11 Automated clearing house (ACH)11 3.4 Security12

3.5 Feature planning13

4.0 Conclusion:14

Definition of terms 14

1.0 Introduction:

1.1 Problem and purpose

The objective of this study is to have some practical experience about computer application used in business sector. Though we had some textbook knowledge about how the computer application is used in banking sector, but never had any real life practice what so ever. So, to achieve the objective we had some research about the technology of Q-Cash ATM network and the facilities it brought into. It will certainly help to improve our knowledge about how the computer technology is used in business.

1.2 Scope

The report will focus on the Q-Cash ATM network that is shared by the ten banks, the ATM machine, the Q-Cash card, how Q-Cash card and ATM machine work together, facilities of Q-Cash card, security system of Q-Cash card etc. the utilities of the system is mainly described under the current Bangladeshi prospective. It has less emphasize on the complicated architecture of the ATM machine. Its prospects and future planning in Bangladesh is also outlined in the report.

1.3 Limitations

While preparing the report, we faced some problem. The main problem was time constraint. Though our course teacher instructed us to prepare a report couple of months earlier, we could not start preparing because of summer vacation. After that we had the flood problem and some unwanted political problem. That is why we had real trouble in work together and collect data from sources. Another problem was the data insufficiency. For that we had to use so many sources to get the proper information.

1.4 Sources and methods of collecting information

We have collected our data mostly from journals and Internet. But they were not enough. So, we have visited ITCL (it consultants limited) to observe their...
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