Q 1. Review What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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Roles, responsibilities and boundaries are evolving qualities within a teacher that are assessed through the teacher/training cycle. To become a successful tutor you will need to understand this cycle and include it in your daily teaching routine. The role of every tutor is to value all their learners individually and equally. A tutor has a duty of care towards learners, implicating they should carry out initial assessments of every learner, to understand their learning abilities. Every learner should be provided with any additional support they require. The learner has the responsibility to tell the tutor of any additional support they need, and the tutor should act upon this information at once to ensure the support is provided. Every organisation has different methods of teaching and providing support for learners. The tutor should know how to get access for additional support the learner needs. As learners develop a better understanding of the aims and objectives, their needs and requirements change. This should be reflected in continual reassessment. An organisation has many different initial assessments; it is the tutor’s job to know all of these. So the work can be based upon the needs of the organisation, the syllabus and the learners. As a tutor I must keep all records of teaching, plans and progression reports. I need to understand the different abilities each learner has. When I plan a lesson I must entail all the various learning methods are included, thus all learners gain some knowledge from the course. I will need to plan the lesson appropriately including the different learning styles; auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. The most common way a tutor understands the learning styles of a learner is to present them with a quiz, to analyse their own learning style. As a result the tutor will have a better understanding of the learners learning styles. To provide effective teaching I shall have to assess myself. I can do this by asking learners to fill...
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