P&G's Pert Plus: a Pan-European Brand?

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Procter and Gamble in Europe Introduction Procter and Gamble (henceforth to be called P"G) is an international supplier of consumer goods it is a "global leader in health and beauty care products, detergents, diapers and food".

P & G's presence in the hair care market in the U.S has been strengthened by innovative technology BC-18 and the replacement of an old brand 'Pert' with 'Pert Plus'- a mild shampoo with a fully effective conditioner. P"G decided to introduce BC-18 in Europe. P和G的存在在头发保健市场在美国大大加强了技术创新BC-18和替换一个古老的品牌“势力”与“势力加' -温和的香波具有完全有效的护发素。P " G决定引进BC-18在欧洲。

Traditionally, the European market is highly competitive the main rivals are Colgate, Unileaver, and L'Oreal. The European market is segmented (i.e. value based) and sensitive to price changes (i.e. elastic demand).The introduction of the new product BC-18 brings with it a new marketing strategy for the company. In order to make a valued choice the 4P's of marketing have to be considered. At present, the company must pose and assess several questions: What name to use for the new product. Bottle size to be used. 传统上,欧洲市场高度竞争的主要对手是盖特、Unileaver,我'Oreal。欧洲市场分割(即价值基础和价格敏感的变化(即弹性需求。介绍新产品BC-18带来了一个新的营销策略替公司做的事。为了使一个有价值的选择的4 P营销必须被考虑。目前,公司必须姿势和评估的几个问题:什么名字用于新产品。瓶子大小被使用。

To market the brand as Pan European or regional. How to price the product. Where to produce and production capacity. Promotion.Marketing MixProductBC-18 technology would offer the European consumers 'Great looking hair in a convenient way'. Currently P&G are practicing a strategy called "Euro-Balancing" , it entails the concept of standardising to the maximum and implementing localisation only where necessary. By introducing a single brand name for its potential market, P&G does not have to create new marketing campaigns for targeted countries. 市场的品牌或区域性的泛欧洲。如何价格的产品。在生产和生产能力。推广。营销MixProductBC-18技术将提供欧洲消费者很漂亮的头发一个便捷的方式”。宝洁公司是在练习策略目前被称为“Euro-Balancing”,它使的概念和实施standardising最大限度地抑制必要的。只有在通过引入一个品牌,它的潜在市场,宝洁没有去创造新的市场营销活动在目标的国家。

The European market is heterogeneous, multicultural and multilingual; therefore, the name chosen for the shampoo should have to no connotations in a particular language's history or religion. Moreover, the name should be easily pronounceable in each culture. The company is able to use the brand name of "Vidal Sassoon", which is an already well-known brand name in the United Kingdom, West Germany and Scandinavia and fits to the criteria mentioned above. 欧洲市场是异构、国际化、多元化的,所以,这个名字的洗发水应该选择没有内涵在一种特定的语言的历史和宗教。此外,与会者的名字应该容易在各种文化。公司可以使用这个品牌名称“•维达写道洗”,这是一个已经知名品牌在英国,西德和斯堪的那维亚半岛和符合上述标准。

It is in the upper market segment and has the established image of a high quality product; it would compliment the new BC-18 product. In instead of "Pert Plus", the European name could be "Vidal Sassoon Plus", the logo could look like the image bellow.P&G is able to start selling its product right away if it uses the U.S. bottle size of 200ml. This is a good opportunity for the company as it will be able to see how the market is reacting to the new product and whether sales are reaching expectations. 它是在上面的细分市场,建立了一种高质量的产品形象;它会称赞新BC-18产品。在代替“势力加”,欧洲名字可能是“•维达写道洗加”,标志能像图像惨叫。宝洁公司开始出售其产品能马上用瓶如果美国面积200毫升。这是一个很好的机会让公司就可以看到市场是反映新产品和买卖是否达到预期。

Design a construction of a new 250ml bottle should nevertheless start right away and it should be introduced as soon as possible to be able to reap in the benefits of economies of scale. This is constructive as once the new bigger bottles (250ml) are designed P"G can run a promotion campaign for Great Britain and West Germany indicating that consumers can now get 50ml or 25% more. This method not only has the advantage for consumers but also for the company, the 200ml/SU3 bottle will cost 22DM/SU3 to produce, while the larger version 20DM. Therefore P"G can calculate with average production and transportation costs of (6*22 + 6*20)/12 for production and transport in the first year for Great Britain and West Germany....
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