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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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The UK travel and tourism industry is urging the Government to abandon the tourism tax proposals as the tax would affect businesses such as local shops, restaurants and tourist attractions that would suffer from the knock-on effects of falling visitor numbers. Visit Britain are opposed to tax propels as this would discouarage people to come and visit In the 2009 Budget ‘Red Book’ HM Treasury announced its intention to abolish a tax concession available to large parts of the holiday self-catering industry known as Furnished Holiday Lettings Relief. • Airlines that advertise attractive fares but add extra charges once the customer has decided to buy new proposals will ban such practices, and force carriers to publish the full cost of each ticket, including all taxes and charges. • despite paying out large sums for travel insurance, many people might find they are not properly covered and are being sold travel insurance without having the terms and conditions properly explained to them • Geographic events are and will continue to affect the environment in which tourism takes place an example of this would be the initial introduction of body scanners at some UK airports in response to terror attacks • Holidays or flights bought online can prove to be costly for the consumer if the airline, tour operator or hotel collapses either before or during their stay Economical

• Recession enables people to travel
• An increase on air travel tax in order to reduce greenhouse- gas emissions Tourism organisations and businesses are taking action to reduce the environmental impact of their own activities. But a significant proportion of the CO2 emissions from tourism are generated by the transport used to get to and around the UK. Government and transport operators have a key role to play in reducing those emissions, through investment in low emission alternatives to air travel and low emission air travel. • The break-up of the...
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