P.E in the Curriculum

Topics: Exercise, Education, Nutrition Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Topic: Physical education should be omitted from the curriculum. To what extent do you agree?
People go to school to be fully developed for both mental and physical development. However, students choose to live in an inactive life. They sit rather than stand; they watch television instead of taking exercise. This lazy life can lead students to not only mental but also physical health problems. Therefore, I totally agree with the idea that P.E should be required in the curriculum beside academic subjects in order to help students to improve health and develop soft skills.

In the first place, P.E helps in improving health perfectly. Needless to say, exercise is a good friend of health. The more exercises people take, the more healthy people are. Nowadays, there are a lot of students being a couch of potato, which means that they are in the risk of obesity and heart disease. For that reason, regular physical education can lower the risk of obesity, heart disease. More importantly, P.E is an outdoor subject. It means that there is less stress than in other subjects. Taking P.E, people stand the chance of relaxing among stressful academic subjects.

The second reason is that P.E can enhance students’ soft skills. They will learn how to cooperate with peers to win the game. Another benefit is that they will be taught sport’s rule in order to be fair play. Each kind of sport will bring its own bonuses. For example, contact sports like football, basketball will enrich the team-work while non-contact sports like swimming, sprinting will develop the able plan strategy to win the game. In short, P.E offers students loads of helpful social skills.

Opponents of mandatory P.E say that students participating in physical activities are at a higher risk of injury than when they are in academic classes. However, students can avoid injuries by warm up before taking exercise. Moreover, as stated above, P.E brings amount of benefits such as, health improving and helpful social...
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