O.J. Simpson Case

Topics: Aggression, Anger, Sexuality Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Asia Washington

Mr. Duque

Writing- London

October 19, 2012

The person Inside that mirror

Who are you?

Of all the commercials that talk about reducing pimples, diet drinks, and models they never thought of there being affects.

Medias exploit body’s to teens that attract the attention in many ways. Several teens become interested in several things just by watching a media in other words see something they want and trying it. For example, “ Girls are becoming weight conscious as young as eight years old.” This makes them believe how they are suppose to be everyday to get to be the way a model would be on TV. { btinternet.com/-Negative charisma/bodies/nowok.PDF} Even, “ 80% nine year olds are on diets.’’ So this proves how girls care how medias provide information about peoples bodies. Kids began to determine how there bodies are suppose to feel and look at a young age. 

The Change

In general kids began to look at themselves and change their appearance. After all, “ everywhere we turn advertisements tell us what it means to be a desirable man or women.” Medias provide information that people use for there relationships that might not work nine out of ten times on a normal day basics. For example, “ Girls, women, boys, men seeing these commercial images may think of an ultra thin body is more normal or desirable then one average weight.” {Mediasmart.cal/sites/default/files/…/lesson_price_of_happiness.PDF} People are trying to prove that most medias help themselves but they are so worried about their outside appearance they are not seeing what’s hurting them inside. 

Sexual Appeal

Yet teens expresses there way of action as excessive while having a sexual appeal. This explains how teens medias with sexual appeal and for them to expose them selves to it. Specifically, “ Three out of four teens who say TV shows and movies make it seem normal for teenagers to have sex.” This Clearly states how much medias affect...
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