O.J Simpson

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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1. After completing the lab in this unit, answer the following questions. Do you think O.J. Simpson is guilty? What are final thoughts about all the O.J. Simpson videos you have viewed? Present at least 2 paragraphs. 2. Why do you think people commit crimes? What do you think society should do to reduce crime?

I think O.J.Simpson is guilty. I think he was lucky and everyone knew him for football but people that are known should not be treated any differently or in anyway that can benefit them. I think he was lucky to have the defense team that he had who tried to prove he was innocent when everyone knew what hew did I think that everyone knew it was him because during the videos he acted emotionless.

I think the videos helped understand this case much better. Many people believed that he was guilty and he was proved innocent. O.J. Simpson got away with a crime. I think he either committed this crime either by himself or had someone to do it. I think that the crime was committed out of jealousy, hatred and revenge.

2. I think people commit crimes for a lot of reasons. Some reasons could be revenge, jealousy, hatred, they need money or they feel better about themselves because they see someone else suffer instead of themselves. I do not think society can do anything to stop crimes from happening. I think that crime will always occur and will never go away because someone always has motivate for what they do.
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