O.C Paper of 12th

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TEST-2 O.C MARKS-100 Q.1 A) Select the most appropriate answer for each of the following statements: (5) 1) Sole Proprietorship is a __________ organisation.

a) personal b) legal c) charitable.
2) The minimum numbers of members require for the registration of a co-operative society is __________ . .a) two b) seven c) ten.
3) Businessman are __________ of society.
a) representatives b) trustees c) servants.
4) Theoretically__________ is a king in a market.
a) producer b) consumer c) seller
5) __________ has to cater to the needs of both the internal and external customers. a) event management b) disaster management c) total quality management.

Q.1 B) Match the pairs ( 5) 1) Equity a) departmentation 2) organising b) Unlimited liability 3) Co-parcener c) minimum 2 members 4) Public company d) High court judge 5) National Commission e) application of rules

f) limited liability
g) supreme court judge
h) social justice

Q.1 C) Fill in the blanks:...
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