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O-Net Web Exercise

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  • September 2012
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1. How easy was it to find the specific occupation you were looking for, and how comprehensive was the information provided about that occupation? Locating my specific field was not difficult, especially with the instructions given to locate the correct path. I think that if I ever choose to leave H-E-B and pursue another career field, I would definitely come back here and see what it is I might be getting into. As a Central Checkout Manager and then as an Operations Manager in which my degree is in were fairly accurate in the skills needed, education requirements and experience levels. What was not accurate was the median wage information. In my current position I am slightly under the 25%, but a several thousand below the median level. For the occupation I am working towards, the individuals I know already in the occupation are at more around the 25% than the median. An interesting fact I did see was the number of occupations that offer an apprenticeship program which advertises on this site and offers a paycheck while you learn your trade in lieu of raking up thousands in student loans. This is definitely something that everyone should be educated about coming out of high school and college so that they can take advantage of what is out there, especially those who cannot afford college at this time. Having a certification now a days in some fields is just as good as a degree. Who says that a few years down the line when you get established you won’t go after your degree. Not only do you have the experience and certification, but a degree on top of that would make you valuable and in some cases indispensable. 2. What did you think of the occupations O*NET suggested as matching your skills? Was the occupation you are in or preparing for among those listed? I did see that Chief Executive was ranked number one, I think that would be the ideal final stop on my journey in life. Ultimately if I were to get into politics Chief Executive as in President of the...

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