O Challenge the Interpretation of the Famine in Sources M and N

Topics: Primary source, Source text, Famine Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: December 19, 2012
To what extent does Source O challenge the interpretation of the famine in sources M and N. From studying source O one can say that, to some extent source O does challenge the interpretations of sources M and N however in source M it states that ‘disaster inflicted by heaven’. This is supported by Source O as it also suggests that the famine had been caused due to God related actions ‘dispensation of providence’. This also implies that the God had given the famine to the Irish. On the other hand if we examine source M due to the fact that it had been printed by an English newspaper the views on the famine differ slightly. Source M sees the famine in a positive view saying that it is a ‘blessing’. It also portrays the English in a good light and the Irish in bad in order to stay loyal to their country and to project the views of the public therefore it isn’t very reliable as it is a one-sided argument. They say ‘Government was required to ward off starvation, not pamper indolence’, ‘there are ingredients in the character which must be modified and corrected before either individual or government can hope to raise the general conditions of people’. Whereas source O is biased to the Irish, they admit that God had sent the ‘potato blight’ but it also blames the English as they had exported goods from Ireland into their own country leaving the Irish farmers with very little money and took food which they needed most. With the money they had they could not buy the little food that was available due to hyperinflation, food prices had risen extremely high resulting in them to starve to death. ‘The Almighty, indeed, sent the potato blight, but the English created the famine’. This is because source O is written by an Irish and shows therefore shine English in a bad light to reflect public opinion this also cannot be really reliable as it too is one sided but can be seen as reliable as it has the privilege of having hindsight . Source O was publishes in the year 1861...
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