O Brother Where Art Thou?

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  • Published : March 7, 2007
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O brother where art though. Sounds like a serious title of a serious movie. Maybe an old English play or maybe something with a Shakespearian type of setting. Well after viewing the first five minutes of the movie you will realize that the movie is far from what you expect. Even when you have a better idea about the movie the next event will surprise you, time and time again. O brother, where art thou? Shows the outside influence of religion through the characters, there experiences, and through the outcome of the film.

The tree main characters are Everett, Pete, and Delmar. All three are criminals on a chain gang, who are on the run. They are running to avoid the police. They are beginning to get desperate. A crowd arises from nowhere and proceeds with a baptizing ritual. As a hasty and completely random decision, Pete jumps in and proceeds to be baptized. Upon returning telling Delmar how his sins have been forgive by God. Delmar too is baptized. This event shows the ever-present influence of religion in this movie. The idea of being baptized and turning to God isn't made to seem like a dumb idea. The idea is made to seem as the thing that Everett, Pete, and Delmar should have been doing in the first place. The only character that didn't turn to God seems to have the worse "luck." His experience with being the leader of the group of escapees seems to be leading them nowhere.

As the movie becomes more involved, the events and suspense heightens. The final major event of the movie involves the protagonist character Everett, escapes and is about to be home free. Then, with a turn of events he his held at gun point by the local sheriff and sheriff deputies. He vales to god that he will reshape are life if god would free him from this state and let him escape. Religious influence is forced upon the character that believes the least. He is constantly downing others for there faith but,...
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