N.Z Police and Auckland International Airport

Topics: Management, Auckland, Structure Pages: 10 (3352 words) Published: March 26, 2013
This essay will analyse two complex organisations; The New Zealand Police and The Auckland International Airport. The purpose and structure of both organisations will be discussed. Furthermore, two theories will provide a framework as to why both structures are effective. These two theories are Henry Fayol’s classical management theory and Max Webber’s bureaucratic theory. The communication challenges faced by both organisations and the aspects of leadership communication within both organisations will be discussed. Finally, the role that ethics and values play in both organisations will be discussed. The first organisation to be discussed is the New Zealand Police. The New Zealand Police is a complex organisation that actively serves the needs of New Zealand citizens on a daily basis. It is the lead agency responsible for reducing crime and enhancing community safety in New Zealand. (New Zealand Police, 2012). The purpose of this organisation is to prevent crime within New Zealand and protect New Zealand citizens. The organisation operates by land, sea and air and is made up of 12 districts throughout New Zealand. The New Zealand police operate in over 400 community based stations throughout these districts and involve over 11,000 staff members. There are many different levels of authority within this organisation, therefore many different policies and procedures must be followed by different members of the organisation. The structure of this organisation is hierarchical as there is one person at the top and many people at the bottom who answer to various superiors in-between. The Police Commissioner is at the top of the ranks and two deputy commissioners report to him-Resource Management and Operations. Five New Zealand police executives report to the Deputy Commissioner of Human Resources and six report to the Deputy Commissioner of Operations. Out of those six, two assistant commissioners report to the deputy commissioner of operations- Upper North and Lower and South. Both of these assistant commissioners have six district commanders beneath them. The district commanders are divided amongst the 12 districts that the New Zealand Police is spread out over. They oversee and manage their designated district. Beneath the district commanders are Inspectors and the front line staff which includes: senior sergeants, sergeants, senior constables, constables and recruits. (REFERENCE).

The second organisation to be discussed is the Auckland International Airport. The Auckland International Airport is the largest airport in New Zealand (Auckland International Airport Limited, 2012). It serves as the entry and exit to people from all over the world travelling to or from New Zealand. It is also one of New Zealand’s most important infrastructure assets, providing thousands of jobs for people living in the Auckland region. (Auckland International Airport Limited, 2012). Within the airport there are several different departments operating to ensure that the organisation fulfils its purpose effectively. As this organisation acts as a check point through which people leave and enter New Zealand, it is largely responsible for making sure that dangerous or illegal goods are not carried into New Zealand. Much like the New Zealand Police, the structure of the Auckland International Airport is hierarchical. Within this organisation there is a clear chain of command, beginning with a board of directors and ending up with the ‘floor staff’ at the bottom. At the top of the hierarchy, the Auckland International Airport has a board of directors made up of highly qualified and experienced men and woman. (Auckland Airport, 2013). After the board of directors, there is the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.), Adrian Littlewood. (Auckland Airport, 2013). Below him are the managers of each department for example: corporate affairs, accounts, and property. Each department of the airport has a manager and then branches off into minor managing roles...
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