N'Ganj City Corporation

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Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) Election 2011

Introduction: Narayanganj City Corporation Election 2011 was held at 30th November 2011. Ignoring Election Commissioner’s requirement of troops to maintain law and order, the government did not deploy the army during Narayanganj City Corporation election. There were 6 Mayoral candidates and 252 Councilor candidates for contesting the election. Over 4 lakh voters exercised their franchises to decide the fate of the candidates seeking the offices of mayor and councilors. The polling centers were opened at 8 a.m. and closed at 4 p.m. By declining to meet the EC's requirement for army deployment in the NCC polls, the government has clearly ignored the constitutional provision that gives the EC a guarantee of all assistance from all executive authorities to perform its functions. Narayanganj Municipality was constituted on 8 September 1876 to control an area of 4.5 square miles with a population of 27,876. In 1952, the area of Narayanganj Municipality was extended up to 7.5 sq miles by a declaration of the Dhaka Judge court.

Election Commission’s Role: Success of an Election Commission lies on ensuring the participation of all the valid candidates in the poll. Under Chapter VII of our constitution, Election Commission is a constitutional organization. As per article 119 Clause 2(1) of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and other laws, it is the constitutional obligation of the EC to conduct the elections of the president, parliaments as well as the local government. Under article 118 (2) of the constitution, EC is stated to be independent for discharging its function only subject to the constitution and any other law. Election Commission Followed the legal obligation to hold the polls within 180 days since May 5, the day Narayanganj was declared a city corporation. It had been a demand of the candidates to deploy Army at election centers and the election...
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