M.S. Regulatory Affairs

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The idea of graduate study in USA has always fascinated me. I always believed that

America, as a nation, is role model for all the nations, who have vision to provide

their people with the benefits of science and technology. I always held it in very high

esteem as a nation. As one with zeal to excel, I admired this nation where excellence is

encouraged, appreciated, recognized and rewarded. I belive that It’s through learning

that knowledge is acquired. This has been strongly rooted in me since my school days

and with such a strong foundation laid in my schooling, my desire to quench my thirst

for knowledge is only been increasing ever since.

A zealous disposition, coupled with an inherent quality to do something different have

always been the propelling factors influencing my choices, eventually placing me at

the portal of such a challenging line of study. I was enrolled into Jyothi Bala Mandir

High School, which is one of the best schools in the state. The well-equipped labs and

faculty helped me gain in-depth knowledge and hands on experience on some of the

basic concepts of Science and Math. My school curriculum, devised to draw latent

potential in students, helped me to become a diligent and complete person. I passed out

of high school with good grades. My sincere efforts at school helped me gain a seat

for my intermediate education at Sri Triveni Junior College. This is when I had my

curiosity develop in subjects like Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Hence I was careful

in selecting different subjects at different levels of my education with this determination

and huge development in the feild of Science and technology have made me choose

Chemistry, Microbiology and biotechnology as the main subjects in a triple main course

for my bachelor’s degree at Pragathi Degree College, India. I was very successful in

my chosen field of undergraduation. Apart from having academic proficiency I have

participated actively in my extracurricular activities like cultural events, public services.

I am a philanthropist and I don’t have any separations with any kind of peoples, I can

easily go with the new milieu.

I have been exposed to many fields of study like organic and inorganic chemistry,

methods of extraction of different cell orgenells, quantitative and qualitative analysis

of chemicals, cell biology, genetics, general microbiology, microbial physiology,

industrial microbiology, medical microbiology, immunology, biotechnology etc. I also

got practical knowledge of techniques in the fields of chemistry, microbiology and

biotechnology in my laboratory classes. I always took an active role in giving seminars

and classroom seminars were best source for learning science. After completing my

undergraduation the next big thing was my graduation. I have joined siddhartha P.G

college with a major in microbiology for my graduation though exposed to only major

concepts of biology, the terms like DNA, genome, tissuesculture, microorganisms etc

fascinated me a lot. I always love to acquire knowledge in different fields of science

other than restricting my knowledge in a specific field.

After completing my graduation I have joined Novartis pharma company as inter. It

is a great learning experience to work in such a huge organization. My stay here has

made me aware of the various avenues for advanced work in the field and now I feel

that I am much more mature than the time I had joined the organization The cultivation

of interpersonal skills during my course of education and also at work, built upon the

natural traits of character has evaluated...
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