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June 3, 2012

Purpose of Report
The purpose of this project is to find the information for a quality control manager of Masterfoods plant. The manager wants to know about the proportion of candies and if they are the same or different. If there is any difference that exists then the manager wants to know why there is a difference in such cases. A study was conducted and results were obtained and based on these statistical results we will try to gain information about the quality of Masterfoods plant.

Part1: Sampling Method
Sampling method is used to draw the random sample from the population of candies from different bags is known as the simple random sampling without replacement. 36 bags were drawn from the population of different color of candies and after drawing the 36 samples; the numbers of different candies are calculated. For sample in bag one how many are blue candies, how many are red candies, how many are yellow candies etc. There are six different colors in each bag. So the record is made after collecting the sample.

Part 2: Method, Analysis, Results
In this section we have made attempts to find the descriptive statistics related to the number of candies or proportion of candies in the bag. The mean number of candies per bag is approximately equaled to 55. This means that we are expecting 55 candies with a standard deviation of 2.1 in each bag and out of these we also expecting that the proportion of different colors of candies should be equal for each bag. The sample proportion for blue candies is .1916, for orange candies is 0.18, for green candies is 0.1815, for yellow candies is 0.1663, for red candies is 0.136 and for brown candies is 0.1446. For this results we have sampled 36 bags which contains 1978 candies overall.

Part 3: Method, Analysis, Results
For this part the 95% confidence intervals are obtained for each color of candies and...
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