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M& M Advetising

By | November 2012
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Lauren Enyeart
English 1302
Dr. Unruh

M&M Advertising

Despite the M&M brand's successful history and classic marketing strategy, they seem to always be inventing new creative ideas to make they M&M name stand out over all its competeters. Their variety of colors and sizes make them easy and fun for everyone to eat when they need a quick chocolate fix. The main challenge is keeping the brand simple, relevant to consumers and yet maintaining growth.Over the years, color, brand personalities, globally recognisable packaging, the 'melt in your mouth, not in your hand' slogan and the distinctive 'M' on each candy, all have played an important role in raising the brand to an iconic status. Carrying on the trendy ideas, M&M’s has decided to freshen up the brand and strengthen the emotional bonds with its loyal customers by leveraging the compelling equities of color and fun to create consumer interest. The latest M & M commericial promoted the brown M &M naming it, Mrs. Brown. It was featured on The Super Bowl this past year and is the type of commericial you just can't help but giggle, no matter what age. The commerical starts with Mrs. Brown in high heels and glasses talking with a few ladys at a party, when a couple gentlement start laughing at her insisted she is naked since she isnt colored, when the red M&M walks in the door and takes one look at Mrs. Brown as says" Its that kind of party?" while striping of his colored shell and dancing to the "I'M Sexy and I Know It" song. In the end of the pitch, they introduce Mrs. Brown and show her on all the Social newtorking sites.

I would love to be a part of some brillant marketing like M & M, this commerical was debuted on the Super Bowl which is one of the most well know time for all the new commecials that come out. . M&M has honestly created a worldwide brand that already has creadiablity as a good candy but, with the power of social media and tecnology to introduce each M&M as individual characters...

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