M&M's Marketing

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M&M’s promotion strategies

Some advertising is created to target young people. Indeed, they are the most easy to influence, that is why advertising focuses especially on them to sell a product, particularly for sweets. The M&M’s brand uses, to attract the youth’s sight, characters of the same age rank. This way, M&M’s hopes that the rising generation will identify itself to the characters and consequently buy the product. In one of these advertising campaigns, the film shows young people who are doing their homework together and listening to music. When one of them puts on a peace of music that everybody does not like, they all begin crunching M&M’s to make noise. We can see that this advertisement reflects the young spirit. Other commercials take place in a living room or a cinema and still show the same kind of young people. These promotions are funny and humoristic which attracts all the population categories.

The cinema is the main way for M&M’s to promote its products. The reason is that it is a place of fun and entertainment for all people, which are the principal values of the M&M’s brand. That is why in some TV advertisements, they present characters in a cinema, M&M’s sweets replacing the popcorn. M&M’s also developed its communication around the fiction since it managed to adapt the product by adapting it to the movies that could attract the most consumers as possible, for example during the release of Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. This movie is a good way for the brand to do its promotion because it touches a large audience, which are the billion of fans throughout the world since 3 generations. In Hackettstown, for the release, it has been explained (in the web site) that “wrapped around the chocolate core will be colour mixes that represent different sides of the Force: lighter colours around milk chocolate represent the light side-following Jedi, and darker colours with dark chocolate centres represent the dark side-loving Sith.” And as movie fans anxiously awaited the release of Star Wars: Episode III, N.J.-based Masterfoods USA has been preparing for the premiere of dark chocolate M&M’s and a Star Wars promotion dubbed “The Star Wars M-Pire.” After the release of “Shrek 2”, “Ogre-sized” M&M’S were so popular that the brand decided to add it to the M&M’s line. On average 55 % larger than traditional M&M’S, the new candies were also sold with new colours: teal, maroon, blue-grey, beige, gold and brown. They can be found in both peanut and milk chocolate versions of M&M’s. (Colouring includes red 40 lake, blue 2 lake, blue 1 lake, yellow 6, yellow 5, red 40, blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5 lake, yellow 6 lake.) M&M’s is also in partnership with cinema celebrations (for example in France it is called “la fete du cinema”) during which you can win cinema tickets in the M&M’s packs.

This is a way of developing its communication and which is growing these last years. Indeed, by the intermediary of the M&M’s website, the brand has managed to make an impression on many people. In the United States, the audience of the official site www.m-ms.com would have grown by 145% during the week-end of 19 may 2002 according to the Net Ratings’ figure. 336.000 single visitors would have been connected so as to choose a new colour for the chocolate sweets. 137.000 visitors would have preceded them the weekend before. In 1995, over 10 million people voted to add blue to the colour mix, and in 2002, they had also the possibility to vote for a new colour, even in the countries where citizens have not all the right to vote. Internet is an important way for M&M’s to promote its sweets. Indeed, the consumer population has the possibility to vote for a new M&M’s colour. By changing and adding a colour in the M&M’s candy, they target more consumers by collaborating with the famous events. This way, the brand can make...
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