M.A.C Brand Analysis

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M.A.C Cosmetics Brand Analysis
1.0 Introduction
The cosmetic industry is very competitive industry where product benefits and brand image are keys to success. The purpose of this report is to present an analysis of the brand M.A.C and its product lipstick with focus on T-C-B and I-D-U analysis, a clear positioning statement and target audience (s) including brand loyalty categories. The purpose at the end of this assignment is to have an understanding of what objective M.A.C needs to focus on for a creative strategy in the second part of this assignment. 2.0 Brand & Product Description

The type of product selected for the positioning exercise is lipstick; the specific brand selected is M.A.C cosmetics owned by Estlee Lauder Corporation. It is noted that “lipstick” is a product description and is not owed but the company thus demonstrating M.A.C is one brand corporation. To determine if M.A.C has a strong market positioning within the women’s cosmetic industry particularly with their lipstick product both secondary research (trade publications) and individual “depth” interviews were conduct (see Appendix A ), and will be used for evaluation and conclusion. 3.0 Analysis

The tools/models used for determining M.A.C’s market position were T.C.B & IDU models. The T-C-B model was used as a baseline for a serious of questions to guide a particular set of respondents that M.A.C caters for and is aiming to achieve a strong market position in this select category. 3.1 T-C-B

3.1.1 The Target Customer (T) Positioning
The primary target demographic for any brand of lipstick is female. The types of consumers that are interested in bold colour selection, wanting to feel sexy and fashionable and want a lipstick that fit into their own personal style are M.A.C’s target audience. Thus the respondents used for this analysis are young fashionable conscious individual who seeking a look without compromising on the fashion trends. 3.1.2 The Category need (C) Positioning

There are many needs that the product lipstick needs to satisfy to the consumer. The general needs that all lipstick must fill are coverage or “staying power” and hydration (lips not drying out) this was concluded form appendix A. The needs that M.A.C lipstick specifically fills can be divided into physical needs and the emotional needs. The most important physical needs as identify by “in-depth interviews” were a good range of colours and appealing packaging. The most important emotional needs stated through in depth interviews were the social and individual needs. 3.1.3 Benefits (B) Positioning

To conclude that the following Key benefits were important to M.A.C target audience and the company and fill the category needs were drawn from the various responses from the in-depth interviews. These benefits are a “way in” to increase and maintain the target market (T). M.A.C fills the physical need being the large range of colours of lipstick by having the largest range of lipstick colours with 136 shades in their permanent collection not including the releases of new limited every few week. Compare to Bobbi Brown have only 36 shades in their permanent collection and Chanel which has 67 shades this was discovered through secondary research and by confirming this with in-depth interviews.When comparing the pictures of various packaging of different brands of lipstick in the in-depth interviews stimuli used to help identify benefits of the lipstick category to understand the various competing it was concluded that M.A.C packaging as describe by the respondents as simple, plastic/glass, eye-catching, chic, stylish and high product. Social needs is satisfied by belonging to a group. M.A.C associates itself with fashion, prestige beauty and youth culture and markets their product through testimonials and word of mouth via fashion shows and celebrities. Consumers who use M.A.C lipstick are “automatically” introduced to the M.A.C culture and their social need is satisfied....
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