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Topics: Vowel, Theatre of the Absurd, Linguistics Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: May 22, 2011
1st questn; write on a British Poet P.B. Shelley or any other,(wait ill tell u dis later)
or Write an essay on a famous poem in English
or Write an essay on a period in the history of British
or Write an essay on a literary group in the history of British poetry in about 3000 words on the model provided in 36.5(in unit 36) full mark 100.

2nd Questn; BRITISH Drama;
1) Discuss Dr. Fautus as a tragedy relevant to all times. 10 marks;

2) Discuss the fairies in" A Midsummer Night's Dream". 10 marks;

3) Comment on the soliloquies of" Hamlet". 10 marks;

4) Discuss the characters in "Alchemist". 10 marks;

5) Why does the" Playboy" appeal to you? 10 marks;

6) In what way is" Pygmalion" a Shavian play? 10 marks;

7) Do you think" Murder in the cathedral" is a poetic drama different from the other plays of your course?
10 marks;

8) Coment on" Waiting for Godot" as an absurd drama. 10 marks.

9) discuss the plot of" Look Back in Anger".
10 marks.

10) From among the plays you have read choose any one that you have liked giving reasons for your choice.
10 marks.

3rd Question; 100 marks
section 1 is compulsory. attempt 4 questions 4m section 2
section 1;;;;
1) in what ways can we look at fiction as history? give suitable examples. 20 marks'

section 2;;;;;;
2) how does Fielding's social consciousness affect his point of view in 'Tom Jones'? 20 marks

3) discuss the use of humour in Pride and Prejudice'
20 marks;

4) "Wuthering Heights" can be viewd as a conflict between the savage and the civilized, do you agree?Give reasons in support of your answer,. 20 marks'

5) How does "Great Expectations" highlight sociological problems in...
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