M. Medley Week 6 Assignment

Topics: Stakeholder, Corporate governance, Kraft paper Pages: 4 (1131 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Presentation of the CEO's Position
Michael J. Medley

Presentation of the CEO's Position
COE’s Report
For the past several months, we the Board of Directors at Kardell Paper Co. have been scrutinizing over the possible health issues taking place in the community of Riverside possibly do to the Sonox discharge from the plant. As everyone knows the plant uses Sonox in the manufacturing process of our Kraft paper. We at Kardell Paper have been conducting test of the Cherokee River and have found that high levels of Sonox waste water was close to our discharge pipes and that the further away from the discharge pipes the levels decreased. During the testing it was brought to our attention that an increase of health problems have arose in the community of Riverside. After deliberating with the stakeholders who are, the Kardell legal council, the investors of Kardell Paper, the employees at Kardell, and the city of Riverside and its citizens the Board of Directors have made a decision that we believe will accommodate all parts involved. The decision is as follows. We the Board of Directors at Kardell Paper Co. as well as its stakeholders have found that there is a significant amount of evidence that warrants that Kardell Paper Co. conducts further studies on Sonox and its effects on humans and the environment. These studies will be conducted by an independent research team. During these studies the production of Kraft paper will be stopped at all Kardell Paper plants that have this capability. We understand that some employees will be out of work during these studies, but they will be allowed to collect unemployment benefits during the studies. Those employees how are still working will be eligible for medical testing free of charge, so we can insure that they are safe. Once a month the Board of Directors and the stakeholder’s representatives to discuss the results at that time of the study. This will be done to insure that all stakeholders...
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