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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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CO2 Vehicle Internet Research Ideas (10pts)

Search the internet to find 10 creative AND fast CO2 car designs: designs should vary, should be from a variety (5+) of websites, cite the source website, date each copied, and describe what characteristics make the design be aerodynamic, fast AND creative car. Paste the picture in space below first to crop and resize the move into the table below. Fit 10 on 1 page. Delete text here if needed to fit to one page.

| |[pic] | |[pic] |Date/Website: http://www.f1technical.net | |Date/Website: http://www.picfly.com |Why good? It has a slick look to it and looks very lightweight because it is | |Why good? It has a slim design with rounded edges and looks very lightweight |hollow on the inside, this car looks very aerodynamic | |[pic] |[pic] | |Date/Website http://blog.wsd.net |Date/Website: http://www.electronicsinfoline.com | |Why good? : It looks very light and looks very sleek and aerodynamic |Why good? It looks like the wheels will spin very well and it looks very | | |aerodynamic and it has rounded edges | | |[pic] | |...
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