L.E.S. Inc

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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L. E. S., Inc.

I. Problem
What will the company do to meet its objectives regarding increasing the volume of production and its quality at a much lower cost?

II. Areas of Concern
1.L. E. S. Inc.
a.A large U.S. company engaged in the manufacture and sales of a wide range of electrical products; b.The manufacturing operations are organized on a divisional basis: power and transmission, electrical components, and small appliances; and, c.There are 13 supervisors, 4 of which have more than 2 years in service and 2 of these have supervisory training. 2.Martin Collins

a.The Manufacturing Manager for six years;
b.An MBA, 44 years of age and responsible for Worcester Plant; and, c.Reports to the divisional vice president in Ohio.
3.John Drummond
a.The Production Manager for 11 years;
b.He is 49 years old with no formal qualifications;
c.Has worked in the plant for 15 years, 4 as a supervisor and the last 11 as a production manager; d.Responsible for the six production sections and their maintenance which involves planning work schedules, dealing with day-to-day production issues, and the maintenance of equipment and a workshop to build and modify equipment according to plans drawn by the design department; and, e.His department relies heavily on the technical expertise of the engineering department in maintaining a smooth flow of operations. 4.Mike Peterson

a.The Quality Manger, 43 years of age, with a degree in Electrical Engineering; b.Worked in quality for the last 12 years and insures that products meet quality standards by the inspection of finished products prior to dispatch to the warehouse; and, c.He is also responsible for the inspection of incoming new materials. 5.Chris Brooks

a.The Engineering Manager, 35 years old, with the degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA; b.She is the only woman on the management team;
c.Recruited by the manufacturing manager, three years ago, outside the company; d.Responsible for the...
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