L-D Tool & Die

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L-D Tool & Die

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Problem Statement3
Human Resources3
Technological Factors4
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L-D Tool & Die (LDTD) is a small and successful business which designs and manufactures custom moulds and produces plastic parts in the plastic products industry. The company’s headquarters are located in Kanata, Ontario. Laurie Dickson first began the business in the late 1980’s and it is now managed jointly by Mr. Dickson and his partner, Dave Tate. The strategic objectives of the company are meeting the customers’ needs and focusing on adapting to challenges they face to meet those needs. The company’s long-term goals are expanding their plant within three years and to be a “key player” in the industry. The company sits in a subsector of the plastic products industry and its multi-cultural workforce of both skilled and unskilled workers are from Canada, Jamaica, Britain, France, and Israel. There is a shortage of experienced workers in the industry and technological factors have brought about a more critical need for skilled labour. Mr. Dickson currently oversees and performs much of the HR functions and where problems exist in human resources and in particular in recruitment and selection. Current methods are out of date and in order for the company to continue its success, and to even survive in its long-term goals, it must now find proactive ways in which to recruit new employees. (Cawsey, Deszca&Templer, 2012). Problem Statement

The lack of HR management within LDTD leaves the company with no representation for human resources or the awareness of HR strategies,and the company remains unprepared for environmental threats or opportunities for the organization. HR alignment does not exist to meet organizational objectives and the company is unable to recognize appropriate recruitment and selection methods available. This results in failing to prepare and respond to technological advancements and issues affecting its industry.

Human Resources
The main problem at LDTD is the lack of human resources management within the company. Because the company is growing, its founder Laurie Dickson and his partner Dave Tate are no longer able to run the entire business along with HR management. As the company started to grow it quickly became apparent that recruitment of more workers was needed. Laurie Dickson and his partner Tate do not have the knowledge and skills needed for HR planning, and the recruitment and selection process. This industry is currently booming and faces shortages of skilled labour. As a result, it creates a battle among competitors for finding skilled employees. The only companies able to succeed in employee recruitment are the ones that have and use the appropriate human resources strategies. The scarcity of qualified personnel has been caused by deficiency of co-operative and Canadian apprenticeship training programs. In addition, even if the moulds and plastic industry expands successfully in the region, there is no increase in school enrolment in manufacturing-related programs. That is why all companies in this sector have to fight for competent workers as the industry increases and older employees retire. The absence of human resources management at LDTD further generates other major problems in the recruitment and selection process.

LDTD has experienced a rapid growth and needs additional skilled and unskilled workers. Since the external supply of unskilled workers is sufficient, the upper management has few issues finding this labour. The major problem is recruiting for skilled and competent mould makers. Hiring the sought after and desired candidates for these positions is a big challenge for the company. Because of this labour shortage and lack of innovative ways of staffing at LDTD, the owners cannot deal with the...
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