L. Ron Hubbard

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L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard has and continues to influence people throughout the world with his great works of literature. He is one of the most published and translated authors of all time. His writings range from fiction to philosophy, bringing great adventures and inspiration to peoples lives. Among his works are his famous writings during the “golden age of fiction”.

The pulp fiction of L Ron Hubbard were written in about every genre, such as mystery, western, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and romance. By the 1930s he had written about 200 stories and novels and and was being recognized as a legend in pulp fiction. Hubbard had a regular production rate of 100,000 words per month and became a king in high speed production. His works were unique in many ways, providing accurate views and information even though the story was indeed fiction.

What makes Hubbard's stories more unique is that he has lived his stories. Many of of his stories are influenced by his great explorations and adventures. Hubbard emphasizes experiencing a subject before writing on it, for example before a person can write about logging he must get hands on experience to write accurately about the subject. Hubbard stated himself that he has a system of not writing about things he didn't know about. Before he'd write about something he would live it and act it out before writing.

L. Ron Hubbard's great adventures, and explorations are the what helps put his stories together. Throughout his youth because his father was a U.S. Naval officer he was able to travel throughout parts of the country and the world. Hubbard has traveled to many parts of Asia and the south pacific. He has led many expeditions to a number of places throughout the world, as part of what was known as “The Explorers Club”. In addition he was licensed to captain vessels in any ocean and eventually became a U.S. Naval officer. L. Ron Hubbard's has lived a great and philosophical life, his great...
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