L'Oreal Hr Case Study

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Human Resource Management
The Recruiting Game at L’Oreal- Case Study

L'Oreal Group, known by insiders as the "business school in practice", is famed for its leading expertise in marketing and brand management. Group L’Oreal has designed a number of different games for the purpose of recruiting good marketing students. Recruitment is one of the most important strategic priorities for L’Oréal and it maintain strong ties with more than 200 leading universities around the world, where it continue to offer students the opportunity to participate in business games and case studies. These not only showcase L’Oréal group but also help us to identify young creative talent, particularly in emerging and growing markets. L’Oréal Brandstorm, L’Oréal Ingenius and L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge give students a unique chance to take on real-life professional experience with the leading multinational cosmetics company The company has used such an approach as it believes it is a unique way of discovering the potential of a person in this fast growing and emerging market. These games are played online by the students. The performance of the student is being tracked by the computer and accordingly points are awarded. Winners of the local contests get to travel to Paris to take part in the finals and on winning the same, a job offer from L’Oreal executives who have been monitoring their performance. There are three online games. The first being e-Strat, then Brandstorm- a game for turning ideas into product and Ingenius- an industrial strategy game. The most popular game is e-Strat, where decisions about retail strategy and spending on R&D were made. It attracts 50000 students and scholarships are provided by the company. Here the biggest winner is L’Oreal due to the publicity it gets and the opportunity to hire top marketing students worldwide.

Question: 1
Review of games
At first glance, the L'Oréal e-Strat Challenge is a business competition that aims at testing the business savvy of graduate and undergraduate business students around the world. The e-Strat Challenge has been providing students with the opportunity to put them in the driver's seat of a global cosmetic business, compete to sharpen skills necessary for becoming leaders in the corporate world. The emphasis is squarely placed on teamwork, leadership, decision-making skills, strategic thinking and good business reflex. The purpose of the challenge is to allow students to put their managerial, strategic and critical decision-making abilities to the ultimate test. In other words translate their classroom knowledge into real experience, complete with the complexities and ever-changing landscape of the demanding business world, particularly as it relates to the cosmetic industry. The HR department in L'Oréal seems to have evolved a new way of recruiting future managers. Instead of being a disparate activity which is not fully in sync with organizational objectives, the e-Strat challenge has the potential to truly synergize recruitment with the overall organizational strategy. The e-Strat Challenge is an innovative approach to recruiting fresh talent for an innovative company For a global company which has presence in over 130 countries in an industry where local trends dictate how the business prospers, the web-based game is the best tool to reach out to local talent on a global scale It measures the real skills and aptitudes specific to the beauty industry, thereby identifying the right talent Investing in the game results in building up of brand equity in campuses providing a commensurate return on investment There are companies using the traditional group discussion-interview route to recruitment. The L'Oréal e-Strat challenge strikes the right chord between the two extremes. Not to speak of the alignment between organizational strategy and an extremely vital HR function - recruitment. BRANDSTORM

L'Oréal Brandstorm is an international game...
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