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2010 International Symposium on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation

Classic Brand Across Time and Space ——the case analysis of world-famous brands L’Oreal Paris Cai Conglie 1, Zong Xujuan 1

we’ll to find out the real reason of its success through the analysis of world-famous brands L’Oreal Paris. Through the unique strategy, sword pointing extraordinary position, with the particular approach, use science and technology to build high-end products, of L’Oreal Paris to study its product and its design positioning .Meanwhile the principle of “people-oriented” is always insisted on during the product development. With the humanization idea and pursuit of natural beauty, it’s research and development of green products for desire of consumers. Furthermore, as a result of surprise attack L’Oreal Paris is good at grasping the “business management” in the varied market. Not only gained a huge commercial interests but also achieve success in China which is the world’s largest potential market depend on its unusual advertising strategy. These are the fundamental reasons why L’Oreal could become a classic brand across space and time.

up and downs in today’s society with the rapid development. Moreover, people will not surprised if a company established then close-down soon, which was not a rare event even very common in today's society. Compared with that, L’Oreal Paris beyond hundred years and space, which attracted people’s attention, in addition the most significant is that many people have an interest in the way how L’Oreal could get success and want to study its advantages in strategy. It is play an important role in both theory and practice to study the brand L’Oreal Paris rang from brand designing, brand building, brand development to brand individual, brand goal and brand management.


Sword Point Extraordinary Position—high-end products
It’s so-called sword pointing extraordinary position

because in Chinese Kungfu the master defeated the enemy use a method that not point the sword direct toward the opponent but point an extraordinary position. Similarly in an enterprise and the business running, the sword means the entrepreneur’s special idea, company development and product position. It’s well to known that the enterprise will develop well if it has a suitable business position, On the contrary, the enterprise will be eliminated because it do not have the right position. For instance Mr. Eugene shueller, the French businessman, who is a master known the method, sword pointing extraordinary position, lead him to a successful man in commercial circles. As he has a unique experience that he was a chemist which will never forget the hardships during chemical experiments and to sell the hair dye (be regarded as the first environment-friendly hair dyes in the world) was invented by himself door-to-door, he conscious of the importance of the brand. Firstly, therefore, he originated L Aureole the first brand in his life means “Halo”, which is very important because L’Oreal Paris is 3CA 2010

1. Introduction
Undoubtedly the brand L’Oreal Paris has a huge charm that very famous and excellent reputation all around the world. It has been conquering the consumer and making people faithfully. Owing to its product quality which had given those wonderful memories to consumers and the power of the classic brand which had won people’s great admiration, through one hundred years L’Oreal Paris, as one of the global 500 companies, has changed people’s quality of life and lifestyle. We cannot ignore the fact that a company can stand stably with the world economy influence in one hundred years would be called a legend. It is widely believed enterprises running always thirty years up and downs, however we can so far as to say companies three years

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actually derived from it. It can be said that these are have...
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