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Part 1- L'Occitane’s background history3
Part 2 - The reasons to choose this name, this logo, this design5 Part 3 - What about L’Occitane’s advertising?6
Part 4 - Places, markets, regions8
Part 5 - How culture could be a challenge?9
Part 7- Build, measure and manage L'Occitane's brand equity?11 Sum up13

oWhy L’Occitane?
Our team has chosen the French brand L’Occitane because this body care shop seems fits perfectly to the project. In fact, L’Occitane Finland turns out to be a quite small company in Finland which has international operations with L’Occitane France. That’s why; we have thought that it could be very interesting to know: -How one French brand succeeds to adapt its brand to the Finnish market? -How L’Occitane Finland manage its communication’s strategy to increase the brand recall/recognition with the Finns, in order to build a positive brand attitude? Moreover, L’Occitane has a very precise concept: this brand promotes human development and respects the nature and the traditions. It’s interesting to know if the Finnish customers are aware of these values. Are these Finnish women a good target market? oOur steps to get our exclusive interview

First of all, our team has been in one L’Occitane shop in Helsinki, to present our project. We have been very lucky because the marketing director, Mrs Sussi Stendahl of L’Occitane Finland were there. This woman gave us her business card and she recommended us to send her a mail with our questions, because she was busy. So, few days after we have sent her an email with our questions. One week after, we have succeeded to get one very quick interview and she promised us to get a longer interview later because she was very busy. Nevertheless, her quick answers helped us to start up again on the interview and we created deeper questions. Finally, we met her in Espoo, in the Iso Omena’s Mall last Friday and it was a very interesting interview. She could answer well to our questions and she was very close to us. Sussi Stendahl gave us a talk of about 35 minutes. It was very efficient and successful. oAbout the report

We have constructed our report thanks to our interview and then, we have interpreted the answers with our Design and Brand Management course. That’s why, the sentences with quotation marks refer to Sussi Stendhal’s answers and the rest of the explanation corresponds to our interpretation and our own research. Our report is divided into seven parts which develop every points of the subject.

Part 1- L'Occitane’s background history
Our team: Could you explain us L’Occitane Finland’s background history? Sussi Stendahl: “L’Occitane International was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, in Manosque, a small village in the heart of Provence in France. The factory is still situated in the same village and all products are manufactured there. Internationally, there are over 1.200 shops worldwide in over 100 countries.” “L’Occitane Finland was founded in 2005 and it is a privately owned Finnish company, not a subsidiary to L’Occitane International. In Finland, we have three shops: two in the centre of Helsinki (Kämp Galleria on Pohjoissplanadi 33 and Mannerheimintie 5) and the other in Espoo, in the Iso Omena’s Mall.” L´Occitane Key dates

1976 Olivier Baussan buys an alambic and produces Rosemary essential oil that he sells through Provence markets. 1980 Opening of the first store in Manosque.
1982 In Burkina Faso, Olivier Baussan discovers Shea butter properties and decides to use it in soaps and skincare formulas. 1995 First store opening in Hong-Kong.
1996 First store opening in New-York.
1997 Use of Braille on products packaging.
2006 First TV advertising campaign in France.
2006 Creation of L’Occitane Foundation
2009More than 1000 shops around the world

Key figures of L´Occitane International
• More than 4000 employees around the world
• 1...
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