K&N's Quest

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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We are the students of Comsats and conducting a survey on consumer behavior as a requirement of partial completion of the course. The information taken from the questionnaire will be kept secure.


Are you a consumer of K&N’s products?


If You Are A Consumer.

Which products do you purchase?
* Ready to cook products
* Fully cooked products
* Deli Line products
What attracts you in K&N’s
* Quality
* Price
* Reliability
* Taste
* Convenience
* All Above
For how long you have been using K&N’s?
* For a few weeks
* Months
* Few Years
* Life time Consumers

What makes you brand loyal?
* Quality
* Price
* Taste
* Reliability
* Convenience
In your family, who is more attracted to K&N’s chicken? * Kids
* Teenagers
* Youngsters
* Elders
Do K&N’s ads attracts you?
* Absolutely Yes
* Yes, sometimes
* No
Any addition you want to see in K&N’s products?
* Yes
* No
Which products K&N’s need to continue?
* Ready to cook products
* Fully cooked products
* Deli line products

Other Comments:


If You Are Not A Consumer.

Why you dont use K&N’s products?
* Low quality
* High price
* Taste
* Other factors
Do you think they provide unhealthy products?
* Yes...
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